Swiss AG Reveal RM17Billion 1MDB Probe & French on Altantuya Murder Case


Added on May 19, 2016

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Whats up guys, this is Jay. A big bom dropped onto Najib Razak's head yesterday when Swiss Attorney General says, RM17billion were stolen from the famous 1MDB companies, and have formally seek for cooperation from Malaysian Attorney General. Malaysia's AG, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali says he is willing to cooperate with Swiss counterpart but he would first need to review on Swiss findings to determine the appropriate course of action. So you could twist from their findings again ah......

According to Swiss AG, 4b US dollar misappropriated and they have evidence on the suspicious transfers in 1MDB probe. They found suspicious money transfers linked to 1MDB going through Swiss financial institutions. They are very concern on this as it appears to have fraud taking place and they believe the case should not be allowed to drop like this. The case Swiss AG referring is Najib's corrupting on 1MDB money into his personal account, but Apandi insist that Najib is clear. He tells the media that Swiss reported case is about 1MDB, not the RM2.6billion about Najib.Whatever, continue to live in your fantasy world, as the circle is round. it will link back anyway.

In the international stage now, the name of Najib is equals as the meaning of corruption. but Malaysian believes that with Swiss AG's move, truth will be reveal sooner or later. At the same time, French is also taking act in Altantuya Murder case which link with Malaysia's purchase of Scorpene submarines.

Bernard Baiocco, the former president of a French defense company is on charges of bribing Malaysia Prime Minister, Dato Sri Najib Razak including sex, corruption, murder and political chicanery. Najib's name was mentioned as he was the recipient of the bribe funds amounting 114-million Euro dollar. Reports confirmed, Altantuya was pregnant on the day 2 Najib's bodyguards abducted and murdered her. Then wrapped her body with C4 explosive and blown up presumably to destroy the fetus DNA. The funny thing is, the 2 murders are represented by UMNO's lawyers throughout the trials.

Well, Najib's shit hole getting bigger and bigger while Malaysia's AG thought he shut it nice and tight. Let us wait for the judgement day to fall on them. Stay tuned as more updates to come, and remember to subscribe. Thank you.

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